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Coral King - The Zoanthid Collectors Shop



Coral King is a trading style of M Sime Consulting Ltd and was formed in 2013 from a 5 year hobby. We have a wide selection of Zoanthids and Palythoa from across the globe, impeccable shipping standards and over 30ft of tank space for aquaculturing our corals. Over the coming months and years our catalogue will expand to well over 300 unique Zoas, We currently have another 50 instock requiring indentification and catalogging, keep coming back to see what else becomes available. Many of our Zoas are sourced sustainably from the United States. We also work in association with Planet Zoa over in IL US. We currently have around 50 of the PZ range and will have most if not all of the PZ range over the coming months available for you to buy through our website. For large PZ orders please contact PZ directly.  


***Coming Soon*** a unique developed zoanthid supplement found nowhere else in the world currently undergoing trials, it will be available for sale in July once trials have completed.


We aim to be the market leader for all UK & EU Zoanthid lovers. 

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