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Coral King - The Zoanthid Collectors Shop


Welcome to Coral King, the UK Zoanthid Collectors Shop. Let us help you build the collection you want from our carefully selcted stock of over 200 varieties. Have a browse through our catalogue section where you will find 100's of types of Zoatnthid and Palythoa availble for sale, see if there is anything you would like to order. We have a variety of stock available from beginners entry level to high end collector.


The photographs are taken under AI Sol LED lighting at 50% white, 75% Blue and 75% Royal Blue. All photography belongs to Coral King, taken by us and original to this site with the exception of Planet Zoa originated Zoanthids. Thanks to PZ for the continued support.  


You can now find us on a new forum that has launched ZoaSwapUK 


Coming near August...


I mentioned on the last update that there would be interim updates this month, we have alot of stock arriving from the US on the 18th and I wanted to let you know what is arriving in case any regulars want to reserve anything, here is the list...more queen krakatoa, time machines, highlighters, ktar g-hornets, more candy apple orange, GB Emperor, ktar Yoda, White Velvet, JF Bloodshot, Vivid Rainbows, Tutti Frutti, more God of War, Fizzy Lizzy, more Utter Chaos, Seduction, Scrambled Eggs, Insane Rainbow, more Blue Hornets, Tyree orange rainbow, more Candy Apple Reds and more Sunny D's, PZ Volcano, PZ Red Rocket, Laser Lemons, PZ Tropic Thunder, PZ Demonade, X-Ray Agave, Salted Agave, PZ Black Hornet, PZ Leatherface, Pink Hippo and Groundskeeper Willy. There are also around another 20+ that will go on sale from our collection including Date Night, Hyper Phoenix, Ding Dangs, WWC Phantoms, Frozen Chaos.


We are also adding 2 Polyps of the famous Hallucinations from grow out at £200pp.


The update should be live around the 26th/27th July



Ultimate Chaos

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Coral King is part of the Coral Aquarist Research Network and a member of Online Retailer Co-Operative for Aquarists

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